The Planet’s Most Efficient and Effective Recruiting System.


It’s proven that employees who ‘fit’ your business help you deliver better results. Repcruit is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), combined with patent-pending, PeopleKeys® Perfect Match predictive hiring technology. It’s custom-designed for businesses seeking to recruit the right people – people that fit!

Repcruit empowers you to efficiently identify, assess and hire the right people to help your organization achieve better results. Experience Repcruit’s ability to help you hire smarter and raise the bar for performance within your organization.

REPlace traditional reCRUITment forever!

Hire right the first time with PeopleKeys® Repcruit hiring system. Patent-pending, predictive hiring technologies in combination with the ATS, optimize hiring quality and efficiency. Post, search, filter, track, screen and asses – all in one place!

  • Post open positions on the Indeed job board at no additional cost
  • Expand your applicant base by sharing the unique URL with social media or other job boards
  • Track and search candidates at any point within the hiring process
  • Use forms to assess candidates’ skills and education to make sure they are the best fit for the job requirements
  • Assess behavioral soft skills of potential employees using the PeopleKeys® DISC personality profile
  • Use the BAI form to determine employee motivators
  • Compare the DISC profile of candidates with a occupational benchmark for job-specific predictive success
  • View aggregate skill and behavioral scores to efficiently choose the best fitting candidate for the job and your company
  • Automate the hiring process with workflows and custom templates
  • USA domestic use only

Thank you for choosing PeopleKeys® as your partner for hiring success! Contact us with questions or for more information.