The Planet’s Most Efficient and Effective Recruiting System.


It’s proven that employees that ‘fit’ your business help you deliver better results. And Repcruit is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) custom-designed for businesses seeking to recruit the right people. People that fit.

Repcruit empowers you to efficiently identify, target and hire the right people to help your organization achieve better results. And we offer affordable subscription pricing with integrated pay-per-use services to make Repcruit the most efficient and effective recruiting system on the planet!

Free 90-Day Trial

Experience Repcruit’s ability to help you hire the right people and raise the bar for performance within your organization. It’s free for 90 days, and provides access to all Repcruit features:

  • Smart Applicant Scoring
  • Job Posting to Major Boards/Aggregators
  • Smooth User Interface
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Universal Profiles
  • Dashboard
  • Zip Radius Mapping
  • Efficient, Effective Communication and Processing Features
  • Reporting Tools
  • Access to Integrated Pay-Per-Use Services

Subscription Pricing

Once you’ve concluded your Repcruit 90-Day Trial, your subscription price is $250 per month. However, if you pay the annual subscription in advance, you receive a 20% discount* ($200 per month)!

Partner Pay-Per-Use Services

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Your Repcruit subscription provides integrated access to our partners’ pay-per-use services, equipping you with additional tools to hire the right people. In doing so, Repcruit offers seamless activation of PeopleKeys DISC Behavioral Assessments and CLS Background Checks.

Per-use pricing within your Free 90-Day Trial is as follows:

  • DISC Behavioral Assessments: $10 per assessment
  • CLS Background Checks:
  • National Database Search (alias) $18 per search ($7 savings per)
  • Deluxe Package A $25 per search ($3 savings per)
  • Additional Counties (as needed) $10 per search ($5 savings per)
  • County court fees may apply when/if imposed by a specific jurisdiction.

Discounts on pay-per-use services may be available after your Free 90-Day Trial, subject to volume.

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Please contact us at or 562.344.5552 for questions related to Repcruit features and subscription plans, as well as worship/non-profit pricing.

* There will be no refunds for cancellation of service within a paid-in-advance annual subscription.